simple things that bring me smiles...

I'm a pretty simple girl.

I like simple things--

  • Like when my husband goes out of his way to be a good friend to his good friend.
  • Like why my little boy says "moma, your hair tickles my face."
  • Like when the dress for this year's cruise is 5 sizes smaller than the dress worn at the last cruise and it fits like a glove!
  • Like when Tammy emails me to say that there is new Scenic Route awaiting.
  • Like ice-cold Diet Coke from a quart Mason jar.
  • Like Stickles...on anything!
  • Like finding a great idea in a very old magazine.
  • Like jars of buttons all in a row!
  • Like finding the perfect pair of shoes for $10.
  • Like Julian's dinner table declaration of "moma, you are an excellent chef."
  • Like a friend who came to my rescue in the "camera ordeal".
  • Like the Daffodils that have begun to pop their bold green foliage from the still-cold winter ground in front of my window, promising that spring is well on it's way.
  • Like the little boy who wants to be made into a taco before he can sleep. Three times a night.

Yep. Simple things.

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