PSA: Back door guests

There is no law that says I must answer if a stranger rings my doorbell. Right? Right. Hence, when I am home alone or alone with 2 children, I do not usually answer the door unless the bell-ringer is one of 6 kinds of people:

1 - someone I know, like my neighbors
2 - a FedEx delivery person, with appropriately labelled truck and uniform
3 - a UPS delivery person, with appropriately labelled truck and uniform
4 - a USPS delivery person, with appropriately labelled little truck and uniform
5 - a repair person that I have called and am expecting
6 - someone in a uniform, bearing a warrant (maybe) lol!

If you don't meet one of these six criteria, your bell-ringing and knocking may very well go unanswered, no matter how incessant you may be. As a home-owner, that is my right. I don't like answering the door to people I don't know. Period. It makes me uncomfortable. It creeps me out. Seriously. It gives people too much information. My sweet husband would be happy to live with our front inner door open to let the sunshine in...but I am not that free. Salesmen, political candidates or poll-takers, real estate people, religious witnesses-- you do not have top-secret clearance and I'm (not really) sorry if that disappoints you.

It's possible that I might make an exception if there's a van in my driveway that bears the Publisher's Clearing House logo and the person ringing the doorbell is holding one of those oversized checks, flowers and a tv camera. Maybe. If you look trustworthy and respectable. And the check is really really astronomically large. Otherwise. No.

It's my house.
I get to decide who I let in.

And don't go thinking that you are special enough to use the back door. No way. No how. So sorry. If you don't meet the aforementioned criteria, and you come to my back door, you dang well better be ready for a confrontation mommy-style. If I am choosing not to open my front door to you *because I don't know you*, you can be sure that I don't want to see you peering in my back door or talking to my children in the back yard. You are on private property--private property that you have no right to be intruding upon. Don't even think about coming to my back door unless you know my children's names and unless you have earned the right to be called a back-door friend. If there is any doubt...don't.

So there.

(It's a good thing I don't own a piece of heavy artillery today.)

---Why is the spell-check not working today?---


Hollye said...

Whoa. sounds like you had an unwanted visitor today. I am the same way. I do not answer the door either except for those people that you listed. I had one salesman try and walk in my house once when I tried to close the door on him. It wasn't nice. I yelled. I asked for the name of his supervisor and phone number. I even threatened to call the police! So, I TOTALLY understand where you are coming frm!

Darleen said...

jumped on from 2peas, enjoyed the read, i understand where you are coming from. i really enjoy my 2 very loud, very obnoxious dogs, they let me know when anyone is even thinking about coming up the driveway!!

WAgal said...

I'm with you 100%!!! I live in the counrty and I never answer if I don't know who it is first. If it's someone I know and I don't have any make-up on I may not answer that one either!!! LOL!

Sam said...

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