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This is the photo of the scrapbook store in Georgia. Forgot to add it to the other post.

In other news:

Have you seen Verve Visuals? Yummy stamps and an awesome gallery.

Little dude is obsessed with tape. Any kind of tape will do and it's seriously, it's becoming a problem. He's progressed to being a tape thief. Since the beginning of October, I've purchased 4 rolls of packing tape and he's made off with every single one. It's so bad, I've started hiding all tape in the laundry closet. Please don't anyone tell him. I'm going broke. :)

We went to the park for "Leaf Day" yesterday and I got lucky with this photo. He's about to turn 12. Can I really be the mother of a 12 year old?

Last week I cleaned out and re-organized the pantry and was surprised at the oddball things that had collected in there . I love having a nice neat pantry with everything visible and easily-accessible.

Apparently, (ahem..) it's been a while since I cleaned out tho...there was an expired can of blueberries in there along with a few things I was delusional canned artichokes and a seasoning mix for fajitas that looked like it may have survived the 80s. There was also a can of beets that I have no idea how it got in there (I would never buy beets), 2 stray V8 cans, a can of cherry pie filling (what can I do with that?) and of course, a can without a wrapper. Mystery. No idea what it is. Should I open it?

I finally got around to watching the CMA awards at 3am on Sunday morning while I couldn't sleep. Alison Krauss was positively phenomenal, of course. That woman is so amazing. Beautiful, elegant, and soulful. And a consummate musician. I'm in awe every time I see her perform.

I'm not a fan of that particular Sugarland song, but I liked Jennifer Nettles performance because she made you believe it (She sold it) and her giddiness in accepting the award was so sweet. I love it when winners aren't blaise' about an award. I've never watched American Idol so Kelly Pickler has kinda been under my radar...but she was awesome and real. Kelly Williams-Paisley's name from Brad's last tour was hilarious.

And lastly, Tracie asked earlier why we skipped Halloween, as I mentioned in a previous post. No, we aren't nuts. Honestly, our dudes can take it or leave it...some years we do it, some years we don't. We don't eat much candy and having excessive amounts of it in the house is not a good idea for me (I'm diabetic).

Last year, 90% of the trick or treaters at our house were older teenagers who were, in my opinion, way too old to be trick or treating. If you are old enough to wear a sexy French maid costume that shows too much of your bee-hind, you are too old for trick or treating. In my book, anyway. And then there's the safety issue.

Don't worry. The boys are not deprived. We dress up as fire men and tool men and a host of other characters at least once a week. We go out for dinner on Halloween and have a great time as a family.
So now you know.


TracieClaiborne said...

Just for the record, I did not mean to indicate that I thought you were nuts for skipping Halloween.

I'm never surprised when someone says that they don't do Halloween because I teeter on the edge of whether or not to myself. I think if the truth be told, it offends God that I make a big deal out of it. But I will ask for His grace on that issue.

I forgot about the sugar issue. That makes a lot of sense too. I'm just a big ole kid at heart and sometimes I think I enjoy holidays like Halloween even more than my child because I missed my Mom never made a big deal out of anything for us growing up.

You're lucky that your boys don't mind. Mine would have a fit! Maybe dressing up is more of a girl thing too? Could be!

Sorry so long!

Sarah said...

<<< did not mean to indicate that I thought you were nuts for skipping Halloween.>>>

Opps. Didn't think you did.