It's been a photo-rich few days...I have about 300 to edit for the pre-k photo catalog, in addition to my own stuff. I'm a Picture Mom in Grey's class...each Picture Mom uploads to the Snapfish account (subdivided by teachers) and then the teacher picks the ones she wants to print for each child's personalized "yearbook"--each child gets a "yearbook" at the end of the year containing 10-12 photos of him/her and class photos. There are 12 friends in each class.
I'm enjoying doing it, but there is a drawback. As a Picture Mom, I have access to the Snapfish account and can see everyone's contribution to our class file. As you can maybe guess, I am hard-pressed not to print all the great ones of my little boy and scrap them on my own. If I do this, he's going to need a whole album for just pre-k! No way am I going to set that precident! So, while it's very hard, I'm being very selective. I am considering printing them and just doing a straight photo album for him.
We had a special Indian guest at school yesterday and then of course, the not-so-traditional Thanksgiving feast. (The food was made up of only things that probably would have been served at the first Thanksgiving!)
And my submission to the Christmas Card Swap. (Scenic Route) The ribbon is chocolate brown. I'm stuck on chocolate satin ribbon lately.
Tonight is the Steven concert. Can't wait.
I'm drooling over this recipe...Caramel Apple Pear Granola Cream Pie from the Food Network Pie Challenge. I'm thinking about combining it with an Oatmeal Granola crust that my mom and sister "developed" and omitting the pears. I love being smack in the midst of apple season. Braeburns and fujis looked the best at the stand today...I've been existing on turkey, cheese and apples for 2 days now. That's just all that really appealed to me.
Happy Friday!


TracieClaiborne said...

Too cute!
Hey..don't feel bad, I'm doing an entire mini-album on Caroline's preschool year. I just have too many great pics! Why not?

jp said...

LOVE the card! And I'm definitely checking out that pie recipe. YUM!