No Escaping.

Wanna hear something funny?

So Joal is in Detroit for 2 days for work. Staying at a nice hotel, participating in a regional meeting for his company.

He called last night to say "You'll never believe what's going on at our hotel?"

"What?" I said.

"A CKU." he said. "There are scrapbooker women and scrapbooker luggage e-ve-rywhere."

"There's just no escaping us." I said. :)

Part of me wanted to ask him to be sure and be on the look-out for BH and if he saw her, to ask for an autograph. That's totally something he would do that I wouldn't.

And yes, he knew what CKU was before he got there.

No escaping the force I tell you.


sabrina said...

Man, too bad you coudn't have arranged things earlier to go with him. That is too funny that he is in a hotel during CKU!

TracieClaiborne said...

What are the odds?
That is incredible!!

Tonia said...

Did you send him out to do some CKU shopping at the vendor fair? That is too funny. Our hubbies just cannot get away from our hobbies!

Mimi said...

Bwahhahahahahahahaha - I can see him stalking the scrapping celebs for you now!