do not give in to gloom.

My mom's pansies...front porch real estate in mom's world must have flowers. Even if Emmy the cat insists on laying in them regularly. I want to adopt that. The flowers. Not the cat.

This is my handsome brother, Army Andy and J. Only an Army man can wear a pink shirt. :)

Mr Brilliant with a straw up his nose in the middle of Starbucks. See the kindof stuff I live with...why did he need absolutely no coaxing or instruction on how to do this? He unwrapped the straw and before I could say "put the straw in your hot chocolate", it was hanging from his nose. Why? I have no clue. His brother was rolling in the floor with laughter. What can you do? I took a picture.

Last night Deborah and I went to the Quickutz Club meeting at Scrap n Memories. A cute and quick make 'n take, some fruit and cheese, a generous discount on QK products, a free QK tin and an hour later...we were happy campers. This is the card we made using the Revolution and the new Sophisticate alphabet and a foam stamp cut from a die.

Fun stuff.

Hope all is well with you. Happy Wednesday.

The greatest tragedy in human life is to live unaware of one's divine identity.
--Reverend William Harper Houff


Tonia said...

Flowers are a must-have at our house - a trait passed to us by Jeff's grandmother. The straw is hilarious! My kids love to blow the paper wrapper off the straw and it usually lands on another customer. What did you aquire with your QK discount? Tell us, please. Beautiful card.

Mimi said...

Wow! I love that quote.

My kids do that too - it's the Y chromosone I guess.