Handbags and Purses

The 2Peas challenge is to write about your favorite handbag/purse.

I have several favorites. The first I own--my pink luggage bag. I found it at the airport of all places and I love it because it's the perfect size for carrying lots of stuff when traveling and it's very sturdy.

Love it and it's completely girly but functional.

I admire this Fossil leather bag whenever I venture to the mall (which isn't very often). I'm a sucker for good leather, but I'm also incredibly cheap so at $189, I'm probably not going to be seen carrying this bag soon.

Finally, I adore this Kate Spade New York Stripe bag from a few seasons ago. I've bid on several from ebay but so far, without success. I'll keep trying. I really like the stripes.

Did you know that Kate Spade makes a line of paper goods?

So that's me and bags. It's a love/hate thing.

Happy Friday all!

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toners said...

I really like that Fossil bag you posted! I too admire ones like that but I always worry the kids are going to spill something on it....maybe when they're older I'll splurge on one!