Feels. Good. to be Home.

Yes. I'm still alive. (Thanks for asking.) I've been away. My Army brother was home on leave (before his deployment) so I made the trip, boys-in-tow, to spend some time with my entire family...and brought my sister home with me.

My sister, Deborah--the youngest of my siblings--is living with us now. She's 18--a full 16 years younger than me.

If one of us is hip and cool, it's definately her.

I'll get some photos up tomorrow, but for now, I've collected some links I wanted to share:

First, the gallery of a relatively new pea, who does awesome 8.5x11 work--emma29. from Minnesota. Yummy stuff.

And a site I've been drooling over called French General. Oh my. Check out the ribbon collections and the paper coasters and the cast iron birds (photo above).

And a place I hope to visit in Atlanta next week--Nicholas Kniel. Dreamy.

The Homemade Simplicity Blog...who couldn't use a dose of this kind of positive attitude?

And on the home-front, my honey played a casual little local gig in Franklin tonight with a singer he's admired since his teens. Pretty cool. That's all he'll let me say. Otherwise I would be inclined to spend an inappropriate amount of blog space telling you old funny concert stories and generally gushing. If, on the off chance, you were a teenager in the early 90s and you were into the Christian rock music genre', you might recognize this picture from back-in-the-day:

:) This would be the musical equivalent of me getting to scrap with Brenda Cosgrove and Lindsey Ostrom.

Happy Friday...and congrats Michele, on the new job!


Christy B said...

Hey Sarah, was wondering about you! I kept thinking....where's Sarah, I know she's keeping up with the Preds ....... keep your fingers crossed for tonight!


Mimi said...

I'm so glad you are back, you've been missed.

Congrats to your hubby!