Why Scrapbook?

I believe that God gives each of us a unique and stunning story—one that deserves and needs to be shared with those we love, those we are surrounded by and those who will come after us. In the grandest detail, the story of my life is written by my heavenly father. It’s a journey of His continual pursuit of all of my heart, complete with all the damaged places that I have and all the good I am capable of being. We “write” or share our stories in many ways—thru everyday living, words and deeds, choices, children, journals…and, for me, scrapbooking.

Scrapbooking is my way of telling my story—a writing of my own history, if you will. The pages of my scrapbook are dedicated to the memories of our family—the times we have shared and the people and places we want to remember. A scrapbook is a simple place to combine all the things I love…my family, my faith, photos, art and journaling. I create because I enjoy the process of scrapbooking as much as watching my children enjoy the results. I scrapbook today, in part, so that they will have something tangible that connects them to their role in our family throughout their lives.

My legacy is more than the pages of a scrapbook, but these pages speak of the people I love and the things I value. These pages are meant to illustrate the feelings I have for those I love. Captured in the images and the words of my scrapbook are the stories of our lives—a mingling of joy and pain, happiness and sorrow, accomplishment and failure, ordinary and remarkable, laughter and tears, family and friends, each one and all together.

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agil said...

Hi U.... it is really nice to know that there is someone who still believe in LOVE...