Choose to Be Creative

I wish I could be a hat-wearer.

I have always loved pretty hats and admired the rare women who could wear them gracefully on an ordinary day. A woman who wears a hat makes people look twice and remember her.

Hats are just one of the many things that speak to me on a creative level. I am fascinated by creative personalities and have recently been encouraged to become more personally creative. While shopping recently, I discovered a quote that spoke to me, right where I was.

“Life is not about a destination.Life is all about the journey.”

What does it mean to be creative?There’s really no one definition that truly encompass the term “creativity”. I believe it’s easier to define creativity by examining a few thoughts.

“Creativity is that which takes ones spirit from an ordinary and mundane existence to a place of sincere delight in the ordinary-ness of life and the enjoyment of getting there.”

“Creativity is continually developing and changing. One does not arrive at being creative as if it were a destination. One experiences creativity on a moment-by-moment basis.”

“Creativity is like a muscle. To be developed and defined, it must be used.”

“Creativity is choosing to think outside the box.”

“Creativity is choosing to alter your own perspective as well as your own habits.”

“Creativity is an acknowledgement of the beauty of life, without regard to the prettiness.”

Creativity is an intentional expansion of one’s ideas and perceptions.For me, living creatively, means focusing more on finding a joy in the journey of everyday. Focusing on “just getting through the day” is admitting to a defeated attitude and involves very little long-term goals. Living each day creatively means actively breaking through the monotony and seeking out those experiences that encourage, strengthen, and uplift.

I hear people often say "I'm not that creative." I just want to shake them and say "Well, of course you aren't, with that attitude." Living creatively takes practice. You don't expect to become buff and muscular if you don't work out. You don't become creative without excercising your creativity.

So, stop thinking of yourself as dull and uncreative. Stop speaking un-creativity into your world. Don't think--DO!

Do Creatively!

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