Lists, Lists, Lists

Scrapbooking Goals for the Remainder of the Year
1- clean off counter/workspace with a little more regularity
2- finish more pages than I start
3- complete my Bazzill Zippered Wallet project
4- complete my design team application entries asap
5- buy a new album to house all these finished layouts
6- crop regularly with friends
7- buy a new pair of Fiskars Easy Touch Micro Point scissors and guard them ferociously
8- take at least three classes to learn new things
9- begin a new stage in Julian’s School Years album…the home school era
10- start on my “Our Journey Home” album about our journey to this house and how it’s been for the first year.

Twenty Scrapbooking Things I Love (because ten wasn’t enough)
1- Bazzill Paper…razzle, dazzle, Bazzill!
2- Hot Potatoes Chunky Stamps
3- Ribbons…can’t get enough ribbon
4- the new Debra Beagle Performance Art Stamps
5- photos printed with a white border
6- DYMO label maker
7- journaling on vellum
8- black brads and photo turns
9- Paper tearing
10- using song titles and lyrics
11- “Scrapbooking Life’s Little Moments” by Rebecca Sower
12- Scrapbooks etc magazine
13- the feel of sliding a completed LO into a page protector
14- when my favorite Pea Artists add new stuff to their galleries
15- metal rimmed circular tags of all sizes
16- alphabet stamps of all kinds
17- oversized foam stamps, alphas and shapes
18- incorporating elements of nature into my layouts
19- a catchy, memorable title
20- making my own idea sketches

Ten Things I Love
1- mail-order catalogs
2- colored pencils
3- Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
4- freshly bathed 2-year-old feet, especially if they are prune-y
5- freshly primer-ed walls (about to be painted)
6- Diet Sunkist poured from the can over a cup of ice from Sonic
7- a clutter-free kitchen (it happens so rarely)
8- something old being repurposed and becoming functional again
9- Mason Jars (they have so much potential)
10- the smell of fresh-cut pine lumber

Ten Discs in rotation Right Now
1- One Good Friend - George Canyon
2- Becoming - Christine Dente’
3- Sticks and Stones – Wes King
4- The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for The Phantom of the Opera
5- Cross Road – Bon Jovi
6- Born to Fly – Sara Evans
7- Scribbling in the Sand—The Best of Michael Card Live – Michael Card
8- All About Love – Steven Curtis Chapman
9- Songbook: A Collection of Hits – Trisha Yearwood
10- Come On Come On – Mary-Chapin Carpenter

Seven Books I am Reading Right Now
1- The Gift of Dyslexia by Ronald D. Davis
2- The Gift of Learning by Ronald D. Davis
3- Real Love for Real Life: The Art and Work of Caring by Andi Ashworth
4- Why You Can’t Stay Silent by Tom Minnery
5- The Connecting Church: Beyond Small Groups to Authentic Community by Randy Frazee
6- Bringing Up Boys by Dr. James Dobson
7- Better Late Than Early: A New Approach to Your Child’s Education by Raymond S. More

Seven Things I Have Noticed Lately
1- My most cherished scrapbook pages have tons of journaling and a great illustrative photo. Embellishments are nice but secondary.
2- I will never be able to keep all my laundry done and in it’s place at once. Somebody is always messing something up.
3- Whenever I read certain passages of the Bible, I “hear it” being read in my father’s voice. (My father became a minister when I was 6.)
4- Boys and girls are very different. And that never changes.
5- There’s nothing wrong with scrap-lifting.
6- It’s easier to look like you are organized than to actually be organized.
7- Tamika Tyler was robbed.

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TracieClaiborne said...

Sarah - I'm so happy to know you have a blog. I wondered, clicked on your name and sure enough -there it was. I read every word on it so far. I enjoyed every word. You truly have a way with them.

I love your lists. The feeling of sliding a finished layout into the protector is close to being my favorite thing about scrapping. That and Pea Praise. Gotta love the Pea Praise.

Can't wait to read more!

Tracie :)