A little bit o' scrapbooking and a whole lotta heart

I don't really like the whole owl trend that's big in scrapbooking right now but when I first laid eyes on this paper, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. I love layouts that come together so easily.

On a completely different note, a fellow Middle TN blogger/scrapbooker known as "Just Jane" reminded me today (by her blog) that in these economic crunch times, it's often the non-profit service organizations that suffer as people tighten up on non-essential expenses. Jane works for a local non-profit that's close to my heart, called Graceworks. My church was instrumental in starting Graceworks 13 years ago and continues to support it in many different ways.

I look at my own pantry and see so many choices--I am humbled by the grace that is so obviously apparent in my home. The thought that just down the road, Graceworks ministers are turning away hurting and hungry people in need makes me ill. In these desperate days, requests for assistance are up and giving is down. Something must be done.

Today I must do something. What about you? If not me and you, then who?

I'm sure there's a Graceworks-style ministry or food pantry in every community, and chances are great that they are suffering in similar ways. Let's do something...small or large...doesn't matter. Buy a few extra items at the grocery...or a gift card. Make a donation...forgo some extravagance in the name of someone who is in need. You will not regret it.

Thanks for the reminder Jane, and for all that you do on the front lines.

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