Dum Dum Dah Dum

The wedding is done! Are those angels I hear singing in the background? It was such a sweet day...went off with no hitches and there was plenty of food. All my goals were met.

A quick funny story. Deb and Matt have been a thing for a really long time. My boys met Matt for the first time in person in the early summer of 2007, when he came for a visit, while Deb lived with us. Even though it wasn't official, we all had a pretty good idea that it would be a long-term deal so he was dubbed "Uncle Matt" right off the bat. He became very popular on the day that he turned two plastic 2-liter bottles and an air pump (and a ton of duct tape) into launchable water rockets!

Fast forward to Thursday--the day I left to fly to Oklahoma--I was telling the boys I would be going to see Aunt Deb marry Matt. Greyson piped up with several questions, including this jewel:

"Momma, can we still call him 'Uncle Matt'?" :)

He really is our Uncle Matt cool is that!

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Mimi said...

Tee hee, how sweet!

Many Years to the newlyweds!