Yesterday...oh my what a day. It seriously was so bad that I considered skipping out on today completely and staying in bed.

I'll spare you the gory details and say only that a) I think it was some sort of cosmic preventative for my big plan to visit the scrapbook store and b) that it ended up with us getting a rental--which turned out to be the only remaining available vehicle at the Enterprise place--which, as luck would have it is a t-r-u-c-k. A quad-cab Mitsubishi Raider. It's bigger than any car or Jeep I've ever driven. Quite a change.

While I am not sold on it, (I will always be a Jeep girl) certain shorter people that I haul around regularly think it's absolutely the coolest ride ever. Traitors. I've tried so hard to indoctrinate them with the love of Jeeps and they betray me because this thing has a tailgate. Ugh.

Big brother is particularly convinced that "this truck is cool" and has asked several times how long it will be before he gets to drive. HA! When you are 25...maybe. Enjoy the tailgate buddy, cause that's as close as you're coming to driving anytime soon.

I need drugs.

So if you hang around my people for very long you know that they have an abnormal attraction to pipes of any kind. I can't explain it. I just live with it.

So with this in mind, you can imagine the excitement that ensued when we saw this creative use of a hay bale and pipes at little boy's school. How cool is that?

And in girly stuff news...I fell in love with this card by Kristina Werner and had to dig out my rotary piercing tool again. Good stuff.

So now you know.

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