Andy, the wedding by remote and the school bus!

As happy as we are for Matt and Deb, there were some moments of sadness that Andy wasn't able to be present physically at the wedding. It was an amazing gift that, thanks to David and Sandi, Andy was able to see and hear the wedding by remote web cast! How cool is that? Quite a few people spoke to him on the phone and by video as the day progressed and Deb talked to him several times throughout the day.

Daniel is taking some cake back to him!

Speaking of Daniel--Leslie came to the wedding with him. Aren't the two of them just the cutest?

You may be wondering why there's a picture of a bus in this post. Matt and Deb both drive school buses during the school year. Yes, my sister has a CDL. :) So, as they were looking for a way to transport the wedding party from the church where the ceremony was held to the church where the reception was to be held, it seemed only natural that a school bus was the perfect answer. They made it happen and it was so cool, as you can see. They also chose to leave the reception on the school bus! It was positively adorable.
I love weddings!

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Mimi said...

Oh my goodness, the photo of your sister on the phone made me tear up.

LOVE the school bus!