A look back at Paper Tearing

I've been the owner and playground manager of a website, for a million years. OK really only since 2001 but it feels like forever. It's most important function was to be the home of the Scrapbook Stores in TN list, and to serve as a photo-hosting spot for my private work for clients.

Well, as one can imagine, web hosting deals are much better now than they were in 2001 so I've decided to let The Scrapbook Channel go and start something completely new (read: free).

After making this decision, I started going thru all the old files that are stored at the site...and boy did some things really take me back to "the early days" and give me a chuckle.
Pictured above is the 2-page-spread that I created for the class I taught at the very first Simply Southern Scrapbooking Convention in 2002. It was my first time teaching that many people at a time (4 rounds of 24 in a class) and boy was it exhillerating and exhausting. The name of the class was "Just Rip It: the art of paper tearing". I had a blast teaching with Anita who was the best assistant a girl could hope for. :) (I accidentally deleted the original image so I took a new picture...can't bear to throw this LO away, even tho the "t" is missing and I don't own that Sizzix font.
Oh my...Sizzix. Remember the drama when that big red personal die cut machine first came out. It was huge and heavy and we thought it was *the coolest*. It was most definately a whole new level. Look at that marvelous tearing work. And those pen curls that I learned to do from watching Rebecca Sower at a crop.
Before it all goes away forever, here's everything you ever wanted to know about paper tearing (or not) and a bunch of examples:
Check out some other vintage items I found...
A Day-Cation. Oh wow. This faux mosaic tiling technique was a total phase I went thru. I love those fishes...they were cut from cardstock and the covered in an irredescent tissue. The "reporter-style" journaling was obviously from before I learned that it was ok to write in the first person. I was there, afterall. :) Oh and no, I wasn't pregnant, although I do look it. Ugh. Bad sweater. (Yeah, that's right, blame the sweater.)
Gotta Do My Chores Is that the same boy who now stares me dead in the eyes?
Baby Sarah Can you tell I took up stamping with that famous "Fruit of the Vine" set by Close to my Heart? And loved jump rings? Isn't that a cute baby?
So now you know...I've been embraced by this hobby for many years and have done a little of everything. :)


Christy B said...

I love paper tearing. And I love Rebecca's patterns, which included a lot of tearing! It looks so artistic. I still tear paper, but rarely in shapes. I'll have to do a layout soon using some "old" school stuff!


LeslieinTN said...

ROFL Okay, this is hilarious but not b/c of what it is but b/c I was purging my scrap room just two weeks ago and came across these pictures done by YOU that I had copied and printed years ago. I taught paper tearing to a group of ladies at my church many years ago and used your examples to show them what they could do. How funny is that?

Anyways, I came to your blog by the way of wasting my night away from blog-hopping. ;) I'm thinking maybe we met several years ago at SDV?

Have a great weekend!

Mimi said...

I totally have pages that look just like that!

What amazes me is I've been scrapbooking long enough things are coming back into style - waxy flax for example.