Big Shanty Festival, Kennesaw GA

Joal had a one-day meeting in Atlanta on Saturday, so the boys and I went along and attended the 32nd Annual Kennesaw/Big Shanty Festival on the square in Kennesaw, GA. (Kennesaw is a small town just north of Atlanta.)

It was one of those happy accidents - we didn't even know about the festival until Friday. How lucky is that? I love small town festivals, especially one held "on the square". You may recognize something familiar in this picture...if you are a fan of the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes". :)
I so wanted to grab some lunch there but it was completely packed and there were people already waiting in a nice long line. I didn't want to stand around and be boring to the boys for an hour...just to say I had lunched at the world-famous Whistle Stop we didn't hang around. But oh how I wanted to.
You may also notice that in the pictures of Grey, it appears that he took the scissors to his own hair in the front of his head and mangled up his otherwise cute bowl-cut hair. Yep. That would be because that's exactly what he did. And then he had the gall to deny it.
I'm over it. Every child does this at some point, right? It's a right of passage. (That's what I'm telling myself anyway.) Did I mention that he did this 2 days before Easter sunday?
I digress.
Highlights of the day include:

-hearing and seeing a Confederate canon blast by soldiers dressed in period costumes

-foot long at the fair, only better

-riding the mini-train

-arts and crafts

-climbing on board a train car and exploring it's machinery

-seeing belly dancers perform (yes, that was delightful..."Mommy, why are those wadies naked?") For the record, they weren't naked. Mostly.

-music...the music was varied and fabulous

And of course, the Southern Museum. I would really like to go again...I never feel like I get the full impact of a museum by just going thru it once.

In other news, we also visited 2 scrapbook stores: Archivers and Your Scrapbook Clearance Center in Marietta. Enjoyed both...there's nothing like half-price sb shopping! :)

I also picked up awesome paper from Fancy Pants "About a Boy" line...oh man. I love this one called PEACE and the ROCK one! Very cool.

And finally, this is the layout from Jessica Turner's painting techniques class that I took a few weeks ago. I did a little re-arranging. I printed the photo on Bazzill textured cardstock because I accidentally re-sized the photo down too small and it is no longer large enough to be printed without some pixelation. The texture hides the pixelation, for the most part.

So now you know...


TracieClaiborne said...

Love the layout! Your trip sounds like fun too!

Doug said...

I'm honored. Thanks for the talk today!!!