The Birthday Gift

Today is my birthday. There was a small celebration last night that included a stop-my-heart sweet gift from my husband. It's the kind of gift that say "I know you."

So what did he give me?
Here are some clues.

They are "raspberry and expresso".
And came in a fancy box.
With an embossed band.
I will use them exactly 20 times.
They are 100% cotton.
They are exquisite and indulgent, and a tad ironic.
They are traditional and classic and completely inedible.

Would you like to venture a guess?


Mimi said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, my friend! Many Years

(you share it with my grandmother who turns 81 today!)

Robbye said...

Happy birthday my long lost friend...I miss being able to see and talk to you. I hope your day is one of the best ever for you!

Debby said...

Well, I'm not quite sure what you got (you'll have to tell us soon, don't leave us too long in suspense), but I'll tell you I could devour that chocolate cheesecake w/raspberry sauce!! Yum! Happy belated birthday, friend!