It's a Beautiful Thing...

Our friends at pre-k are marketing geniuses. As a rule, I don't purchase school pictures. Given that I produce thousands of pictures a year of the boys in my crew...I usually have no problem declining the cheesy-grin snaps that are over-priced from the school photographer. Well, that is until today.

When the little dude came home bearing this monstrosity of an 11x14 black and white picture. It's even printed on matte paper, just like I like.

He looks so sweet...and the black and white is so perfect. How can I not, right?

I don't usually purchase music new...but I made an exception for this, and it has not disappointed. :)

Weird, I didn't mean for this post to be about what I don't usually spend money on...but now you know.


TracieClaiborne said...

That picture is INCREDIBLE!!!!!

I saw Phil talking about his new album, you are making me wanna listen and check it out. Hmmm.....

TracieClaiborne said...

Is your birthday the 28th of April?
Mine is the 26th!
I never knew yours was so close!

Anita said...

Oooo...that photo of Grey is AWESOME! Notice how they captured those incredible catchlights in his eyes....incredible job and excellent marketing tool!

Hey, I have a blog update! Gotta go see it! You will laugh your pants off!