A new blog crush and a paper crush too.

Pssst. I think I have a new blog crush. You have to go and visit her here. Not only is she the owner of the righteous website The Ribbon Jar, (which is enough to make her super cool in my book) but she's also a "junkie"--which sounds bad but is actually really good. (as in she likes to shop at junque-tique type places from estate sales to Goodwill) and she writes like she's talking to her best friend...which happens to be my favoite style.

(You've noticed, I'm sure.)

And she's a dang good scrapper to boot. A little Cathy. A little Rebecca. A little funkiness all her own. Yep. I've got it bad. :)

And now for the paper crush:

Have you seen the SEI Chick-a-Doo line? Awww sweetness.

I discovered it at the store this week and it's soothing cuteness has just taken over my current regime of projects! It's so springy and happy. :) And it's double-sided too. Love that.

It's clean-up time in my space, which is a good thing for me to do on Sunday evening. I conducted 2 classes at the scrapbook store yesterday (Quickutz club and a class on Hand-made Invitations) and had the pleasure of attending a class on painting techniques taught by Jessica Turner this between packing and unpacking and space was a chaotic heap...but I'm making some progress.

So now you know.

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Mimi said...

Ooooh, that is lovely paper. Lovely, I say!