Five years ago this morning...

Five years ago this morning, the world became a brighter place for me to live, because this little boy was born - finally - healthy - and full of peace. Tonight we celebrated that event for the fifth time...with chocolate donuts slathered in vanilla icing and red sprinkles. Oh and vanilla frozen yogurt too.

My little communicator.

Mr. Annimation.

He who can not simple sit himself on the sofa. He must (must) fly arcoss the living room at full-tilt and flop himself onto the sofa by propelling himself on some pretend spring feet up backwards on the sofa...and then of course roll his body off and start the process all over least 5 times a day.

Teacher of sign-language to all his family.

Reader of little words.

Shy soul.

Lover of Jesus and singer of the chatechism songs with complete ghusto.

Maker of lists.

Big boy.

Little boy.

Teller of jokes.


Protective Brother.



Consumer of Velveeta shells and cheese.

Shoe organizer.

Affectionate one.

Finally a five-year-old.

Adventure creator.

Cars movie enthusiast.

Real-life friend to Joshua and Sebastian.

Real-life friend to the imaginary boy name Gick (rhymes with Rick) who lives in a box under the bed and eats only hot dogs (poor guy).

Conniver for trips to Dunkin' Donuts and/or Starbucks.

Mr. Blue Eyes.

Reciter of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Wearer of fuzzy bear slippers.

Kabota horn blower.

Boy who loves his Nana and Pawpaw and Gramma and Popa.

And one who thinks his Aunt Deb is the coolest "guh-wol" (girl) ever.

Driver of a Tonka dump truck.

Watcher of "Maggie and the Ferocious Beast" and Zaboomafoo.

Letter writer.

Match-game champion.

Tester of the weather.

My "bug".

Happy Birthday Grey.

In other news, I'm on a card-making tear tonight...few things make me feel creatively happier than when I find two totally unrelated things in my stash that go well together. Happy discoveries. This piece of ribbon has been around forever as has this piece of Scenic Route paper...and just today I noticed how well they went together. And in the spirit of using old stuff...the charm is from Making Memories that I bought at a clearance store in Georgia for 49 cents.

Almost two years ago.

And finally, I have been tagged. Stephanie tagged me...and I've been putting it off. So here goes:

Seven weird or unique things about me...
in no apparent order.

1-I have always been extremely modest. And nowhere is that more clearly defined and underlined than on a cruise to the Caribbean. I'm going all out and getting wild if I'm wearing a sleeveless shirt.

2-I collect wooden-handled artist's paint brushes but I don't paint.

3-I get spastic if there's not something besides water to drink in my refrigerator.

4-I've developed a weird alertness to Julian's seizures. I can feel them coming and no longer panic. I wait until a few hours later to be filled with panic and cry.

5-I'd rather drive a Jeep than any other car in the world.

6-I can not stand it when people on MySpace whom I do not know in real life want to "be friends" even though some of my very best real-life friends are people I met on the internet.

7-I don't think I want to "trade up" my wedding ring. Joal mentioned one day not too long ago that on our twentieth anniversary, (in four years) he might like to buy me a new ring (read: a really big rock). I'm not so sure. I mean...I'm a girl...I like glittery things as much as anyone...but I kinda feel like my tiny little diamond bought by my husband-to-be at 19--when three months salary wasn't nearly what it is now, is a kind-of testament to the endurance of our relationship. My ring was bought with so much love and commitment...he could have given me a lifesaver to wear and I would have said yes. My ring reminds me that things started out very simply for us...and man, we've been thru some fire together...but the simple truth of loving that man and knowing he loves me with ever-increasing goodness still remains the most profound thing I know. Maybe we can talk tennis bracelets or something. :)

So now you know.


Christy B said...

Funny, I'm torn about trading up my wedding ring also. Steve got me a "wrap" for mine for Christmas and I wasn't real sure I wanted to take off the wedding band I had been wearing for 16 yrs. I did it because he was so proud of himself buying this guard/wrap. He mentioned that the salesman asked him about upgrading the soltaire and he said he couldn't do it without my blessing. Good for him, cause I'm not sure how I feel about it.


Mimi said...

Happy Birthday to Gray!

And, I agree, I have no interest in trading up. I do have an anniversary band that I wear under my ring, though.