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I would love to see this movie: Does anyone know how I can view it without getting HBO...which I'm not going to do?

Under the heading of *I do not recommend movies*, I watched what I think is a good movie last night. It's a western called Avenging Angel. You can read the Blockbuster synopsis here. It stars Kevin Sorbo (whom I liked to watch in Andromeda) as a preacher who becomes a gun-slinger to avenge the unwarranted death of his wife and child. It's set in a small town in the late 1800''s not without some typical gun-slinger/western violence but no curse words. It's predictable but still enjoyable and of course, the preacher finds his way back from the path of vengence in the end and...well, I don't want to spoil it for you. :)

Just a side note: I thought it was interesting that on Andromeda, his late wife's name was Sarah. In this movie, the wife that dies is also named Sarah.

Now the disclaimer: I have given up ever recommending movies to anyone. I have learned the hard way that apparently I a) have weird tastes in movies and b) am not as sensitive to language as other people are and c) am more sensitive to stupidity than most people. So I have a standing rule. I don't ever recommend movies, but I might tell you if I like something I see. But if you choose to watch are on your own. I accept no responsibility.

Just sayin'.

In other news, I have come to an enlightening conclusion about myself and scrapbooking--I need a scrapbooking assistant.

My scrapbooking assistant's duties would include:
--organizing and maintaining my Bazzill. I am inept in this area and consequently spend way too much time hunting for the right shade.
--making die cuts as ordered on large projects that require many of the same die. I get bored easily and hate repetitive tasks. How nice would it be to say "I need 65 of these flowers in this color please." LOL!
--when not otherwise occupied my sb assistant would straighten my area and throw away the giblets.
--when I get "stuck" the scrapbooking assistant would offer suggestions based on supplies I already have so I wouldn't be forced to go to 2peas or and check out galleries for ideas with items I don't have and of course, then want to purchase.
--the scrapbook assistant would keep up with my essentials so I could spend less time hunting for things.
--the scrapbooking assistant would be able to (at a moment's notice) remember where I saw a certain idea...whether in a magazine, online or in person.
--the scrapbooking assistant would organize all my photos and oversee the uploading process which takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r.

Don't you think this is a good idea?
If you are a lover of ribbons, such as I, you'll need to feast your eyes on this amazing luxury.

In Quickutz news, the second round of Scrapn' Memories QK Konnections club is meeting this Saturday at 2. There's still some room, if you're interested. The theme is very bold flowers.

And I had a brainstorm tonight. A Quickutz brainstorm. I saw this paper at and I was completely lovin' it. And then it hit easy it would be to *make* this paper background with this QK die, which I just so happen to I did. (In real life, the colors are a little's 2 am so I can't take a picture in the outdoor light for a more accurate representation of it. Imagine.)

So now you know.

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I don't know, but I keep seeing adverts at the Post Office.