Superman Stamps! of the Postage Variety!

Postage stamps may very well be the world's most overlooked pieces of every day art. I ran across this sheet of postage stamps commemorating the DC Comics last year quite by accident and knew in an instant they would be perfect embellishments for cards and layouts.

With a little image altering--enlarging and printing on kraft paper-- this is what I came up with.

Directions are at MBI, if you are interested.

Check out the USPS website for more possibilities!

The 2Peas writing prompt for the day is to name 3 things that are on your desk that shouldn't be there. Easy breezy.

1-PVC pipe fittings (confiscated from someone who thought they should be thrown at his brother)
2-half a dozen CDs...because we all knowthat CDs should be put away promptlyinto the CD closet. (snort)
3-a partial glass of Diet Coke. Which wouldn't be bad but it's been here for 2 days. I think I'm going to go take care of that now. LOL!

May all your mail be artful and all your bugs be ladies!

Happy Wednesday!

PS I also have a post on variety (using the same supplies in 7 different ways--7 cards) at MBI here.


Lynn said...

Very cute card. I would never have thought to use a stamp. Great Idea!

Mimi said...

Hey, I like that a lot. Scraplifting that idea for Father's Day.

BonnieRose said...

hey that card rocks! Love it!

toners said...

I love the effect of printing the image on kraft paper :) Very cool! TFS!