So there was a Boy... (AAM Challenge #18)

The All About Me Challenge #18 was to write about or confess the most dangerous thing you've ever done. This is my answer. Since I had no photo of the actual machine, I snagged this one from a 3-wheeler history site (how's that for a hobby?) thanks to google. The photo owner is credited on the back of my LO.

Here's the journaling, since scanned journaling is difficult to read:

Isn’t that how every story of danger and intrigue starts? J When I was about 8 years old, we lived at Wesley and one of our neighbors had a son named Brian who was a year older than me. Brian had white-blonde hair and blue eyes and I had a major crush on him. Well, major for an 8 year old. For whatever reason, 3-wheeler ATV’s were the “hot new toy” of the early 80’s and Brian’s dad bought him a huge 3-wheeler (ATV). Now I have to wonder what he was thinking, but at the time I thought it just made him even cooler.

I think Mom and Dad were a little leery of the bike, but they let me ride with him once in a while. So one day we were riding the 3-wheeler across the field in front of our houses--he was driving and I was riding behind him. He took us thru a ditch and started up the incline on the other side and gunned the engine at the exact wrong time. The sudden exertion forced me to flip off the back and land on the ground behind the 3-wheeler, face down. Apparently it scared Brian, so he immediately let off the gas and the 3-wheeler proceeded to roll backwards down the incline and over my head. I remember the smell of exhaust and feeling the heat of the engine right in my face. I was terrified. I screamed and he hit the gas to get the machine off my head. I was so mad and so scared. It happened very quickly and I had no idea it was even possible. In a split second I had gone from happy passenger to having my head lodged under a running 3-wheeler!

The best part? Once I got over the fright and realized I was not hurt, I made him promise to be more careful and I got right back on with him.

And because I knew my mom would never let me ride with him again if I told her what happened…I never said a word to her about it.

So now you know, Mom. :) For what it’s worth, this is the most dangerous thing I ever did—and Wendy was nowhere around.

May your crushes all be adorable and may your head stay mostly where it belongs.

Happy Thursday!


Christy B said...

This is funny!!! I recently told my mom about going to Myrtle Beach on my senior trip (I went with my parents, but 3 other girls went with me and we had our own car) and us riding down the strip in the back of a convertable with someone we didn't know! Actually it was some guys that owned/ran the airbrush shop where we had some shoes made. We also told them about me and my friend MJ going into a hotel room of someone we didn't know to use their bathroom. Both stunts pretty dumb even 18 yrs ago, but I thin it would be even more dangerous now a days.

Wow, what a trip and what fun we had!

TracieClaiborne said...

Oh my goodness.
That scares the heck out of me!
I always think of things from a Mom perspective.

You had an angel watching out for you girl.