It's Grey Day! (Blatant Mommy Bragging Ahead)

Today I thought I would post a few pictures of my sweet youngest boy, who informed me today that I can no longer call him "my muffin" because he's a "boy now" (wonder when that happened...the transition from muffin to boy). He's very artful, but in this family you aren't given much of a choice about art. Creative, artful play is part of our everyday (or at least that's our goal). Given our recent lessons on Easter, during which we celebrate (as Christians) as our new life found in the death and resurrection of the Savior, G used a ruler, a pen and a bunch of white paper and scissors to cut out about 10 crosses. He loves to cut. {Even his hair.} Thankfully, he had the wisdom to cut a rather large lock of hair from the back of his head, not the front. (That was a while back.)

When we discussed his work, he told me step-by-step how he created his crosses and what they were and a few sentences about the meaning of Easter. I was quite shocked that he had picked up so much. Shocked but very proud.

These 2 were taken today. Our patio was in desperate need of a swift sweep (or maybe a power washer, but I'm not that bold). I got the big broom out of the shed but before I could get the sweeping done, I got called in the house to do something else. A little while later I looked out the window to see little dude working hard to meneuver the tall heavy broom thru the patio debris. He was truly working hard, and doing a good job.

When we discussed it, he said "I'm brooming, Moma."

Yes, it was 90 degrees today and even tho this was in the early evening when it had cooled a bit, it was still pretty warm. I have no idea why he was wearing snow boots outside. He loves those boots, primarily because they are easy to get on and zip in a hurry. And he is always in a hurry. :)

It was an exciting weekend. Joal was in Atlanta for a regional meeting for work and spent Saturday night and most of Sunday in a hospital with food poisoning. Fun. He's recouperating now, slowly. It was really scarry to have him in the hospital 4 hours away. That's all we'll say about that.

I sent Tracie Claiborne a sketch for her new I LOVE SKETCHES blog featuring plans for 8.5x11 pages (because we 8.5x11 scrappers are seriously overlooked) and she used it! And more than that, another person submitted another interpretation. Tracie's work is seriously inspirational to me...she's one of the few people I know in real life who value the story as much as I do *and* who is sqeeky clean and graphic *and* who scraps in my favorite size of 8.5x11. (Actually, she's the one who kindof gave me permission to go back to 8.5x11 after I temporarily bowed to the pressure of 12x12.) You should keep an eye on her pea gallery and her blog that's linked on the right. Always good stuff.

In other news: I paid $5 recently to learn that Provo's Cuddlebug 2x2 dies do not work in the blue Quickutz handle. I'm still waiting to determine if they work in the newer QK Squeeze. The plate of the die is a bit thicker than QK dies and while it will go into the mouth of the original blue handle, it's too thick to close to make the cut. So now I have a firetruck die (if it hadn't been a firetruck, I wouldn't have even bought it) that I can't use. Does anyone know if it will work in the Squeeze?

Deborah and I are participating in a Breakfast recipe swap and I am participating in the Birthday Card Swap at Scrapn Memories, all in the next few days. I'll post our art as soon as it's complete.

On my table is a sketch done with another Tracie sketch...almost done and the re-do page of my first concert with Joal. Coming soon. Promise.

My new dishes arrived today! I'm so excited--dishes to match my beautifully painted kitchen in an entire set of service for 12! customer service totally rocks!

Hope you had a great day!


Tonia said...

Moms have a right to brag. Tell Mr. G that you must have a license to cut hair (it has worked so far for my girls - knock on wood). Hope your hubby feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,
Cuttlebug dies will not work in either QK handle. They will work in the original Sizzix machine. All dies work with the Cuttlebug.

Anonymous said...

OK Sarah, I have to know how you got $320 in gc. Payment? Very fun. I LOVE the plates!
PS Happy Birthday!! Sorry I missed it. My family was in town. And more sorry to hear how you spent it. :(

Sarah said...

LOL! Heather. The GC was $200 and it was payment for a job I did for free or at least thought I was doing for free. It was a wonderful surprise. :) It's a long story...I'll have to tell you in person. :)

Colleen said...

Looks like he's quite the artisit already! And adorable as well!

TracieClaiborne said...

Sarah - thank you for always saying such kind things about my work. I love your work also, as I have told you many times.

I may be a flake on the sketch blog - I have been feeling rough lately - not keeping up with my online fun like I used to. We'll see how it goes!