Hither and Yawn

I'm bored. Hence the title.

Been on a card streak today using stamps. Posted a few to 2Peas and a few to Memory Book Inspirations. If you are of a mind to, MBI could use some new participants. Things are kinda quiet there. It's a nice place to hang out--a little less intimidating than 2Peas. I am semi-in-charge of the card makers board there. I have new stuff to post there tonight, if you like simple card making.

Couple of random thoughts:

1. Why do stores not take advantage of the ease of blogs? Especially scrapbook stores? I totally don't get this. Marketing 101. Basic information. It's so easy. If you have a scrapbook store (or a stamp store), please get a blog. I promise--you will not regret it. And your customers will think you are the coolest.

2. I hate the tv show--The Bachelor. Hate actually may not be a strong enough term. And yet, it's like a bad wreck...I can't not be curious about it. The premise is sub-stupid. Andy is not even worthy (do they really think he's perfect?) and the women are portrayed as anywhere from desperate to insane. I could go on for days about all the ways this show is stupid and conceptually idiotic, but I won't. Suffice it to say I have seen a total of maybe 30 minutes this season and that's too much. But I'm still curious. Why is that?

3. Geoff Moore--the man unknowingly responsible for Joal and I being together--has a new album out called Speak to Me. On it he did a remake of the recent Brad Paisley tune "When I Get Where I'm Going" that is totally stellar. And I usually hate re-makes. Brad Paisley's version is recorded with Dolly Parton. I like Brad Paisley--I think he may actually one of the most talented writers in country music right now and I liked his version ofthis song. Then I heard Geoff's. Geoff Moore recorded it with Watermark wife, Christy Nockels. Good stuff! Worthy of full price...which if you know my husband, is saying something. :) Unfortunately, it appears I may have to go to Canada to see him in concert any time soon.

4. Do you read Angela Daniels' blog? I do and I love it. She and some friends have a series of PDF classes on Color that I found very helpful. Check it out.

5. Another of our Nashville stores is closing. Paper Moon--the only thing on the west side for paper crafters announcedSaturday it will be closed by the end of the month. I went in on Saturday afternoon and felt so sad. I relaly don't like shopping closing sales. It just feels so customers are taking undue advantage of the owner's misfortune. I guess the owners generally want to sell all their stuff but it just feels creepy to me. While the discount would be nice, I can't go back. I hate the gloom. I don't know. I'm somewhat over-sensitive in some things related to entrepreneurship.

6. I enjoy reading Heidi Swapp's blog...I do. I just wish she would use a paragraph break every now and then. Seriously. Of course, some people probably wish I would learn to, I can't have everything I want. I know. :)

7. Lastly, it appears that barring the Army changing his orders at the last minute, my Army brother Andy will be deployed to Afghanistan on/around 5/22. I can't comment because I don't know what to say.

May all your donuts not fall on the ground and
may your children always wipe their feet at the door.

Is that too much to hope for? Happy Tuesday!


Pam said...

I wish your brother safety and good health on his stint in Afghanistan!


Christy B said...

I can't believe Paper Moon is closing.... wow! I haven't shopped at a "closing" sale in forever! When the ScrapYard closed, I may have, but didn't when ScrapIt closed. Just didn't feel right.

Love the cards!

Mimi said...

Lord have Mercy - Andy is in my prayers.