My toes are fr-o-zen but the Grilled Cheese was grand

So Julian and I went on a crazy adventure today...a food adventure...that's the best kind right? A few weeks ago, I read on Facebook about a new thing that's come to Nashville--The Grilled Cheeserie--a gourmet food truck! The concept of a food truck (great specialty food sold all over the city) fascinated me and hello--grilled cheese--can't go wrong there. I knew Juju would go along for the promise of food, so I started watching the Twitter and Facebook postings of The Grilled Cheeserie to see when they were going to be near us. Downtown challenges me...but last evening they posted their schedule for the week and today, their selected corner was one I  not only knew how to get to but also one that promised easy parking, so today, was our day for our first food truck adventure.

Hello. Grilled Cheese. Worth a bit of adventure, don't you think?

I know--we are easily amused...especially when there's food involved.

When we got to the corner of Tenth and Clark, (behind the Frist, in front of Cummins Station) there were about 30 people in line. Having never visited a food truck spot before, I had not realized that food truck food is definately not fast food. Each order is hand-crafted...and cheese doesn't melt fast, especially when the outside temp is a whopping 18 degrees. Yep. Didn't quite plan to spend a total of 55 minutes standing around in the *18 degree* weather...just didn't make the connection...or wear an appropriate coat. I had several layers on  as well as my hat but not the real coat that would have been a smart move. Neglected the socks too. Dumb move.

Don't misunderstand...I am not complaining about the wait. I didn't anticipate it...but I get it now. The gals inside were doing all they could to get the orders out efficiently--that was obvious. There were a-l-o-t of people wanting grilled cheese today! No complaints at all. 

It took about 30 minutes for us to get up to the window (plenty of time to study the menu and discuss the options with other fellow frozen waiters) and then about 25 minutes after that to receive our delectables. People were nice and no one seemed grouchy at all, for which I was grateful. The Grilled Cheeserie gals offered up free sample cups of the hot Cranberry Cider to those who were patiently waiting in the cold.   

The smell was righteous. Click on the photo of the menu board to see it larger.

I selected the "Melt of the Moment"-- Brie and Bacon Melt, which consists of Benton's Thick Cut Bacon, Brie and Buttermilk Chedder, apple and onion chutney on Multi-grain Bread. The photo shows one half of the sandwich...mainly because I forgot to take a picture before I chowed. The apple and onion chutney was delish...with the bacon...ok so the whole thing was perfection. :) I'll definately be getting this one again. Maybe tomorrow.

I don't know why I didn't pop the lid off the soup cup to show the most beautiful old fashioned tomato soup...I guess my brain was just frozen solid. Next time I'll try to remember to do that, I promise. :) Bowl of soup was only a dollar with any sandwich, and was obviously a great choice for warming up our frozen fingers. Julian selected the Pepper Jack with Shaved Ham on Sourdough...he's a big ol boy who loves pepper jack. He was quite the happy camper with his sandwich, especially when he thawed again, as we ate in the warmth of the Jeep. Poor guy...his mother is a certified food nut. :)

Our first food truck experience was quite an adventure...the food was yummy and delisious..definately worth the wait. Julian's already clammoring to return...he's quite fascinated by the concept of a truck with plumbing for a kitchen and different combinations of cheeses and meats. That's my boy. :)

The Grilled Cheeserie on Facebook

What I really want to know is where have food trucks been all my life? How have we missed out for so long? After I read about The Grilled Cheeserie, I discovered that there's one other truck in Nashville...The Cupcake Truck from a bakery in Clarksville, although it appears to not move around so much. Have to investigate that further.

Think of the possibilities!
Stay warm...and don't forget your socks. :)


Ivana Clay said...

Looks Delish!!!

Deanna said...

I seriously want to drive all the way up there just to stand in line to get one of those yummy grilled cheese sandwiches!