Craft Night

Sunday evenings at the ranch have been alternating lately between Movie Nights and Craft Nights. Tonight was of the Craft variety and this is what the boys and I made:

We had a good time. (I dred the day my boys decide crafting with me isn't so "cool". I try not to think about it.) I stole borrowed this idea from one of the scout leaders, who had the scouts make ornaments like this one to take to the retirement home that the scouts visit. I thought it was quite clever so we made about 6 or 8...probably gonna make a few more tomorrow.

One of the rules of crafting is that when your project is complete, you can always think of a way to do it better or more creatively next time, so I was thinking that the next incarnation of the Popsicle Stick Snowman might have the bottom section of the stick shoved down into a white-glittered foam ball, to give him more of a snowman body. Nevertheless, I do like the stick body version.

And note the use of Stickles. A good craft project must involve Stickles in some way.

I'm convinced that with enough pipe cleaners a girl could rule the world. :)

Happy Monday!

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