It's tree time!

It's the most wonderful time of the year...I have been blessed with an extra-ordinary dose of happy this Christmas and that has made decorating so much more fun.

We have a long-standing tradition of getting a way-too-large fresh cut Christmas tree...the smell alone makes up for the fact that it will be a big horrendous mess to deal with in January. Every year I consider purchasing a silk tree--they definately have a few advantages, like being able to put them up any time (not having to wait for the shipment of fresh trees to arrive at Thanksgiving), no mess, no broken or malformed branches, and no spending $$ every year. Joal wouldn't have to haul the crispy heap over to the park for the city tree disposal.

And every year I end up saying "we'll think about it next year". There's just something lovely and wonderful about bringing a fresh tree in out of the cold, and having it warm up my house and my heart. This one takes up, quite literally, half the living room...just the way I like it.

I've been on a silver/clear/white tree decorating kick for a few years the collection of ornamental things is pretty full. The lights on the big tree are always clear. This year, I added in some lime-y, fruit-y green balls, leaves and glittered stars. It's not a finished project yet, bet here are a few glimpses:

I think snowflakes are exquisite, as are the clear bubbles, and white pearl balls. Basically anything that I can hit with silver paint, silver leaf, pearl paint or some can possibly go on the tree. It's no secret, I collect tree decorations all year round.

The boys have a deep affection for the disco ball ornaments. I'm sure that surprises no one.


Steph said...

Your tree is beautiful!

Mary Pat Siehl said...

great tree!

Tammy said...

Beautiful tree! I'm allergic to most pine, so I have no choice but to have a permanant tree. They still make a mess, but it's not quite as bad! :)

Chris Hertel said...

Your tree is so pretty and sophisticated! We decided to go kitchy this year, and it's covered with tinsel! Brings back fond memories of my childhood.

Tracy said...

Your tree is gorgeous.
We used to have a real tree. Hubby would mark it in the fall, then we would cut it down and put it up. That is until we discovered that was the reason for his rashes. So now we have a fake tree.That I have to put up because he still gets a rash from it,