Slow Times bring Stamping

Things are slow these days...blogwise. I've been busy doing all the little projects that had accumulated on my "wish I had time to do this" list while I was getting the cruise scrapbook done.

I have organized stamps--meaning that all the clear photopolymer stamps are now housed in clear CD cases. Watch for more stamping to come to my little blog--mainly because I need to use the stamps I like to look at. I suspect that stamps multiply amongst themselves when I'm not looking.

I have, as I already pointed out, become enamored with A Muse Stamps lately. Such good stuff there. I love the clean lines of their signature look. The A Muse gallery is fantastic. I especially fell in love with the Jeep, the ipod, and this card.

And finally, have you ever watched Stamp TV? I just found this channel of youtube videos this evening and have been enjoying them so far. The hostess has a very calm and soothing voice and is well-rehearsed but not up-tight. I like that in craft videos. I do not enjoy video stars who haven't thought about how to present their instructions, causing them to hem-n-haw and fumble around. Bugs me. But I digress.

I realy like the technique shown here using wax paper. Need to try this.

Happy Friday!

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TracieClaiborne said...

Hmmm....I will check out Stamp TV and I look forward to seeing your stamping!