Ribbon Redemption

It took until almost 4am, but the ribbon has been redeemed! Around 1:15 am, I realized that Capri Sun boxes could be cut in half and make the *perfect* holders for rolls of ribbon. As it just so happened, there were 8 empty Capri Sun boxes in my area, waiting to be recycled. (It's a long story.) So, I chopped them all in half and used them. Four boxes will fit in a large Iris Cart drawers, which is the same place I used to store the scads of disheveled ribbons...the boxes serve as sorters...there is nothing so soothing as ribbon arranged by color.
I didn't realize how much I apparently like red ribbons! Below shows reds, pinks, oranges, and purples/yellows/greens (because I don't use those alot).
Below shows boxes for black and whites, blues, sea colors, and browns. This drawer will get the most use...Black and white is almost always my first choice.
I organized each of the roll-less, by-the-yard ribbons this way. Each piece is rolled neatly and secured with a strip of paper. I used a tape adhesive to secure the end. Because I need to be able to see what's there, I stood each bundle on it's end. This basket from The Dollar Tree sits neatly on my desk now...reminding me to use the pretty ribbon and making it easy to do so.
And shhh...did you notice that there's a little room for a few more additions?? Hmm.
The paper strips are secure but not tight and they are easy to slip off. It was important to me not to damage the ribbons by using adhesive or pins on the actual ribbons. (Stores that poke a pin into their ribbon rolls really make me unhappy.)

There are a few carded ribbons in my collection, so I just left them as they were. One other little basket hold all the carded ribbons, on my desk, easy to flip thru.
The rest of the ribbons have been a) tossed b) recycled or c) moved to the Christmas bin.
I would love to have the space to keep them out where I can see them but wallspace is just not real estate I can afford right now. So drawers and baskets will have to do. I get a little giddy about the recycling aspect of repurposing the Capri Sun boxes. (If they were going to be sitting out, I would cover them with paper or paint them.)

I feel so much better now that my ribbons are accessible and easy to pull from.
Happy Sunday!


Jomama said...

Yea! for you! I love your 'mother of necessity' invention and wee hours thinking! I love your dollar store finds too. I still haven't finished ribbon week cuz' I have to convert plastic to ...something else. ;)

Jomama said...
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Mimi said...

Looks good!

TracieClaiborne said...

Wow. That's awesome.

Jenny in Maine said...

sweet looking!!

Tina said...

It's comforting to know I'm not the only ribbon freak! Love the organization with the use of recycling the boxes!