Ribbons and Buttons...Oh My

This is what a girl does to celebrate her newly organized ribbon. I've been saying "I want to do that project" for months, after seeing a fellow pea create a similar display of buttons under glass. Blues and browns of all shades...these are a few of my favorites. :)

Speaking of buttons, have you seen this blog called *BUTTONFloozies*? It's shh-weet. Don't miss out.

Happy Monday morning!


Lara said...

That is BEAUTIFUL! I guess I need to go buy some new ribbon, now.

Thanks for sharing!

Jenny in Maine said...

Hi Sarah! This is beautiful!! I think I need to put this idea on my [long] to-do list ;P

Jenny in Maine

Michelle said...

That is a really great idea. I have never seen that before. Now I may have to try it. ;)

Jannie said...