I have the great pleasure of being married to a man who is a writer of songs and a player of a pretty mean guitar. His newest CD arrived on Monday! Yes, we are very was a very long process.

Joal's music has been called "the thinking-man's music" and "John Mellencamp meets Jesus". :) He's a rocker with soul.

For a free song, you can visit his myspace at

I have a few free CDs at my disposal...if you'd like one, shoot me an email.



Betty said...

Congrats to Joal and your family on the CD release!


Anita said... know I have to have one of those long-awaited CD's! LOL

Hope you are holding up well. Tried to call a couple busy and then straight to VM another time or two but didn't leave msg...figured you were out of pocket with Andy and all of that, but you are in my prayers as is he and the family.

This weekend we have a busy one..marriage retreat.