Chosen Company

I have a love/hate relationship with Google. I love that it can reveal information on just about any topic under the sun, but by the same token, sometime I hate those revelations.

For instance, google the words "Chosen Company" and you can blow a whole night reading all the things that have been written about Chosen Company of the 173rd. Don't ask me why I know this is possible.

In other news, I got an unexpected letter from Andy in the mail a few days ago. Apparently, someone is cleaning out his locker and mailing his letters. It's a little unnerving. OK, check that. It's alot un-nerving. I hate it, in fact. I don't know exactly when he wrote it. It's short--one steno page. It's a letter from a soldier who's doing a job. And is frustrated by the conditions.

I hate not knowing.
And I hate knowing.


TracieClaiborne said...

Hi Sarah. I just wanted to let you know that although I have been too busy to read many blogs lately, I am still praying for your brother and your family. I love you!

Natalie said...

Hey Sarah...this is natalie, daniel and andy's friend from tyler and your future brother-in-law's cousin. Anyway.. I got two letters in the mail too a little while ago from andy. I understand when you talk about it being a little unnerving. Kinda makes your heart skip...or atleast mine did. Anyway I just thought I could relate to that. Thanks for all that you do to keep us updated!