Drive On

Sorry it has been so long getting back to you. Things have been a little bit crazy. Crazy good and crazy bad.

Bad first. Blood pressure issues are a real pain. Both of us are trying to learn what he can handle and when. This is not an easy thing and when you mess up, the price you pay is rather unnerving. But, we drive on.

Pushing papers is not my thing but I'm doing it for my brother. Your prayers that things will get to who they need to when they need to would be a wonderful help. My focus is shifting from rehab to finance--I want to be good at it for my brother. He is earning it!

He is still adjusting and because of that some days are just lousy. But he pushes through and keeps going. Paratroopers have a saying, "Drink water--drive on." That's what he's doing. Actually it's thickened Gatorade, but you get the idea.

The good stuff. He's still adjusting and because of that some days are really good. At the end of last week we were in on of the therapies and he looked up at me and said "my right thumb is moving". Bear in mind that he can't even make a fist with his right hand so I thought he meant it was twitching because of the spasticity. He said, "No look, I'm moving it." I looked and sure enough, it was moving ever so slightly. We debated for a second and decided that I would hold his other fingers and wrist, still just to make sure. It was, in fact, his thumb, moving.

As I was about to climb up on the table and yell out in triumph, Andy was kind enough to tell me that might not be such a good idea. I was still happy!

The other big thing has been the transfer from bed to chair and from chair to bed. When you have a one hundred and fifty pound rag doll, it can be a little difficult. OK that's an understatement. It involves a track-mounted, overhead lift system with a large sling that goes under his back, back side and legs plus one or two people to make sure that nothing is tangled, hooked, snagged or pinched.

Not easy at all.
Or at least that's how it used to be.

Now he has a board that he lays between the bed and the chair and with help, he can slide right in. It is still very hard but he has more direction and control over his own care. This is huge!

No longer does he have to be hoisted by strangers but rather they can help balance him as he sits up and slides around. It is a big confidence thing.

I'm also attaching a picture of Andy for those of you who don't actually know what he looks like these days. By the way, its not a good idea to take a picture of a paratrooper with out asking permission! Thank you all.

God bless,

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Anonymous said...

Praise God his thumb was moving!! family will be ecstatic! and we'll keep praying!!
- Nicole Bernal