2Peas Challenge: If you could change one thing...

The 2Peas challenge for the day is to answer this question: If you could change one thing about the world today, what would you change?

Well, of course, there's all the serious options--world peace, no more war, make people more generous, safe, loving homes for all orphans, end to hunger, eradication of racism...etc. Those are well and good and worthy of changing...but since we're speaking hypothetically, I'm going with a light-hearted answer.

All printers would never run out of ink. You buy a printer--you get the lifetime printer cartiridge. I have no idea how it would be accomplished...but they simply never run out. You print and print and print...and never run out of ink.


And I might put FedEx in charge of the USPS.

And this whole spinach problem would disappear. I miss my salads.

And my mother's peanut butter cookies would suddenly be the most healthy food on the planet.

Happy Wednesday!


Mimi said...

Ooooh, very good one.

The spinach thing is creeping me out too.

Lynn said...

I just love your post today! Great Idea about the printer! That would be so awesome!

Thank goodness I don't eat spinach. but your mom's peanut butter cookies are sounding really awesome right now.

TracieClaiborne said...

The printer thing is hilarious. Great idea!

I'm gonna have to be completely honest and say the first thing that popped into my head was that if I could change one thing about the world - I'd have everyone serve and love Jesus. I would love for everyone I know to know the joy and peace his love brings.

Great post! I missed that on 2Ps.

Carrie said...

good ones! I would love to have lots of cookies be the healthiest foor ever! :) or how about chocolate be the cure for all diseases. ad it helps to control weight gain! :)

Maureen said...

Heh, good post.

BTW, you've been tagged!