It's a Cruise Scrapbook: Just a Glimpse

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You can never go wrong including some bling in your cruise scrapbook! I love this pearlised paper from Bazzill. And it diecuts  like a dream, too.
Every trip scrapbook should have a page that shows the official itenerary of the trip. I printed this map from google and drew in the ship's route with a pen. Brads mark the stops. 

If you take a lot of photos of random things on the ship (that would make you completely normal), a great way to use them together is on a page called "Glimpses of the Ship". 

A cruise ship is a very special place...I wanted to summarize some of my feelings about all the many aspects of cruising...the huge variety of things that are all right there on one ship. Again, another way to utilize a large number of random photos. 

A cruise is a special kind of adventure--don't forget a moment of it by printing your photos ASAP and giving them a home in a scrapbook. 

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