Scrapbook Easy

So many people think of Scrapbooking as a huge, overwhelming task that takes forever and costs a fortune. While it can be all those things, it certainly doesn't have to be. 

After 19 years, I know a little bit about scrapbooking and paper-crafting in general. Sometimes not having more than a handful of option allows one to be creative without inducing an overwhelming bout with indecision. 

With my current pages, I'm going for a single thought, expressed boldly, illustrated by a single photo, on a kraft paper 8.5x11 base.

Confession: for many many many years I have collected and hoarded these black chipboard letter from Heidi Swapp. I adore these. I've held on to them for so long that the adhesive has long-since given up it's stickiness. In order to get them to stick, I peel off a layer of the backing and paint on matte Gel Medium with a tiny paintbrush. It's tedious but I love them.

Live a Scrapworthy life!

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