Inspired by Etsy

As usual, I'm incredibly late to the party. While everyone else is stuck on Pinterest, I'm still loving

I find some of the best ideas there so I thought I would share a few.

This is an awesome card by LuluandJayne. Find it here.

It was one of those that is constructed with such simplicity but without being plain. I'm particularly drawn to those kinds of designs.

This may be the fastest card I've ever made. (Love that.)

In other news, some of my far-away friends have asked about *Cards for Cans*--how it went and how to get some of those cards. It was, in a word, delightful. We had 9 attendees and collected a mountain of canned goods. It was really awesome! Many thanks to those who attended and contributed.

If you would like to participate, a full set (16 cards) of the *Cards for Cans* card designs (2 of each, all fully-assembled) can be purchased for $16, shipping included. You may pay by Paypal or by mailing me a Kroger/Publix Gift Card. (Email me for details.

Happy Saturday!

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Michele Gross said...

These are adorable!!