Cards for Cans six, seven and eight

So here they number 6, 7 and 8 for *Cards for Cans*!

Card #6 uses tensil and flags...can't get more festive than that!
Card #7 has a few color scheme options: traditional red and white, spunky black and white, and (not shown) pool party and black (in case you prefer the non-traditional Christmas style.)

Card #8 uses glitter but you can't really see it here...I'll try to get a more glittery photo.

So there you have it. All 8 cards have been shared. Now is the time to let me know that you are planning to attend the first *Cards for Cans* event!
This event will benefit The Little Pantry that Could--West Nashville's locally supported food pantry.
Bring a canned item to donate to TLP, and in exchange, make a card from the card buffet. One can equals one card and envelope.
Friday, November 2, 2012
beginning at 4PM
at my studio space in Bellevue (Nashville).
New stampers or cardmakers welcome. Stamping and cardmaking is very easy...but if you are new to the craft, don't worry. We will walk you through the steps.
The Little Pantry is very special to me. I work there on a weekly basis and am committed to seeing the shelves filled with very necessary canned goods. Items needed weekly at TLP are:
canned vegetables
canned fruits (especially the low-sugar and no-sugar varieties)
canned tuna and chicken
canned Chunky soups (especially the brands with pull-tab tops)
Make your reservation *now* to attend *Cards for Cans*
by emailing
devendorf at bellsouth dot net
If you have cardmaking tools such as a trimmer, scissors, etc, please feel free to bring them to avoid having to share. An email with further instructions/details will be sent when you reserve your spot. :)
Let's share a delightful night of holiday snacks and cardmaking.


maria f. said...

Hey Sarah, nice to meet you. So I've read your posts down to this point and
1) you are one amazing woman - let that be said by a total stranger!

2) you make great cards.
Nice to meet you. Really.

Michele Gross said...

Oh, such a pretty collection! #6 is my favorite :) Super great!!