Design Star Thoughts

On principle, I hate reality television, mostly because it's oxymoronic. But, I do like to fast forward my way through Design Star every now and again. So now that there's a new season airing, I thought I might offer up a few thoughts on this designer's dining room. The graphic walls/floor design is cool, or cold, rather, but interesting. I wouldn't have done it in the dining room, and I wouldn't have chosen those colors, but OK. I can see it being acceptable in California in a house with 11 design professionals.

What bugged the ever-living daylights out of me? I'm glad you asked! There are 11 people in the house. This is their dining room table. Unfortunately for three of them, there's only seating for 8. A very crowded 8, on two benches. The table is monsterous and hand-built by one of the contestants. Conceptually, the table is cool. Functionally, it's a total flop. If Mr. Dee-sihgner had opened up the ends, everyone in the house could have had a seat at the dining table. Doh! And where are the chairs? Hello. Functionality. Ever tried to get out of a bench when you aren't lucky enough to be the person sitting on an end? Ever try to do it in a skirt? Geesh. And they had the largest budget for decor ever used on the show...why not buy some chairs?

I do like the table--it has a rectangular opening in the middle that allows those monster plants to come up thru the middle. Speaking of the plant life...I hope no one wants to speak to anyone on the other side of the table at dinner. Communicating through a rainforest can present a challenge to conversation. I think the "community" nature of the space--a dining room, afterall, got lost in the spirit of the "design".

I love creativity. I enjoy things that are outside the box. I am turned off by de-sihn-nah snobbery and things that are obviously pointless. If you are doing something for the point of design, you're off base. Form follows function. Otherwise, it's just stupidness for the sake of tv. I like what Candace Olsen said to one of the teams: "You shouldn't have to explain your design. It should speak for itself."

So, now you know.


Anita said...

Ok..did I mention that I LOVE YOU!
Your friend the designer....hehehehee!

Anita said...

OH and I totally word would have been 'impractical'---way too much so!