This hobby of mine...

So after 13+ years, this hobby of mine is changing drastically for me and as a whole...and I'm not sure entirely that I like it.

I love scrapbooking.
That's not changing.

But when the last store in my area closed, my heart just kinda broke. That was the fourth inde scrapbook store that I had taught at that closed. (Some would wonder about the common denominator...including myself.) Whatever the various reason for the closings, (stated or not) I just can't do the store cheerleader routine again. I love small buisnesses and at one time felt very passionately about inde scrapbook stores. I have a heart and a gift for marketing in this industry that made me equal parts hopeful and heartbroken about the possibilities and the challenges.

But I can't do it anymore. I can't invest my heart into a store--yes, I know how silly that sounds--a creative "home" and be divorced again.

And so while I am changing as a shopper/consumer to embrace the craft chains and the online stores, I am also dismayed at the changes in the industry. Will scrapbooking survive? Of course. But will it ever be that way again? I don't think so. I think it's going to look very different in the coming years and that is encouraging and also a little disappointing.

Digital media is the wave of the future, no matter how much we fight it. Or ignore it. I will always adore the feel of paper in my hands...but digital is booming. Stores really can't compete with that.

Discretionary spending in many spots has slowed considerably and scrappers are embracing the notion that simple is good, use-what-you-have, and consequently spending less. Or not at all. Stores are dropping like flies. I hate that.

It feels like the whole market grew with such great abandon for years and years and now suddenly, all at one time, feels a great need for a deep breath. There's a rapid inhale taking place and it's not pretty.

Prehaps necessary.
But not pretty and not without consequence.

But now I'm just rambling.

I'm leaving you with a picture today--proof that I do still actually scrapbook and make cards. I bought a new pink pair of CutterBee scissors this week (because the scissor snatchers in my house used my old pair for cutting something non-paper and expected I wouldn't notice) and they made me want to cut something detailed out. :)

This was the second rendition of a similar card that I made for a birthday party G went to this week. Love Scenic Route.

I'm sortof out of the habit of blogging right hopefully there will be more tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I sure hope our LSS doesn't close anytime soon. Yes, I live near Electica in Bartlett TN and I love that store. Yes, I have cut back on my spending and I am "using what I already have" But in that area, I am sure you know, that there are 4 stores to choose from. Hobby Lobby, Eclectica, Archivers and Michaels. I don't think Michael's has that much of a selection though. BIG SIGH! I am sorry to hear the news in your area and just hope and pray that there is the big exhale soon.


Jessica Turner said...

I hear you! It is so sad. I am one of the many using what I have. What is amazing is that I have created 50 pages without hardly even thinking, gosh I need X.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah...I know what you mean but I'm not giving up just yet! Have you been to The Scrap Room in Lebanon? She just recently moved into a new storefront in the same shopping center and it's amazing! The new owner (as of last July) is amazing as well! Her name is Charon and she is a real sweetheart! Please go see her! She has a great tasted for the new out there and lots of variety! If you get out there, let us know what you think!!