Easter Cards

Cute-sy stuff really isn't my thing, except around Easter. I bought the lamb stamp at Michaels for a dollar (Studio G) because it reminded me of the logo of the children's ministry at our church. I thought perhaps I would use it in G's school scrapbook for the year he attended pre-k at our church.

I had visions of lambs for baby cards, lambs for Easter and spring cards, lambs with flockng, lambs with get the picture...the lamb seemed like he would get alot of use. He, she...I don't know.


Lambs for Easter and Spring the are. :)
So the little lamb stamp started me down a are some other lamb-ie things:
This kid's lamb craft...who doesn't love the 9 million things you can do with paper towel tubes and cotton balls?
This felt lamb pin on Etsy.
Happy Friday all.

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Cassie said...

these are adorable! ADORABLE!!

I found your blog by a link to the cuttlebug embossing folders in Revolution post. I love my embossing folders too! Did you know that there are some sneak peeks of new ones over on the Cuttlebug Challenge blog? Here's the link if you are interested:

When we reach 1000 followers we get to show more peeks too!

Well, I'm off to explore your blog even more!!