Gotta keep those home fires burning...that's gonna cost how much??

So happy Valentines day, my friends.
I hope yours is filled with love and romance and plenty of warmth.
Don't underestimate the value of warmth.

If I told you we were spending tonight at a hotel, you'd think "aww, how romantic".
And then I'd say "It's a Microtel."
And you would definately start to wonder about our definition of romance.
And then I would say:
And the boys are with us.
And the big dude is a few days shy of 13 and passes gas like a freight train and snores like a ship horn.
(He should come equipped with a personal ventilation system.)
And tomorrow we are going to spend slightly less than $800 to have our HVAC unit repaired.
Joy! Joy! That's surely not what I wanted for Valentines Day...but apparently our house had other intentions.
Because it's been blowing cold air for 3 days.
And this is not the week to be without heat in Tennessee.
Although it could have been worse if it had been about two weeks ago...when it was 9 degrees.

Such is life.
I can assure you that I'd rather be at the Microtel with my snoozing honey than at the fanciest hotel anywhere with anyone else.

Which brings me to my other point for the you eat Chex Mix--the bagged kind that you get at the grocery? I love the stuff way too much and I don't buy it very often...because I love it way too much. :)

The thing is...I only love the little square Chex in the mix. I sort those out for myself and leave the rest of the goodies for the boys.

So, how do you eat the Chex Mix?

Stay warm my friends.
Even if it's at a Microtel. :)

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Christy B said...

Awww, so sorry about the HVAC unit. I'm lucky enough to live with a HVAC tech, so the few times we'd had problems, my live-in fixed it for another year. We're waiting though for the time to come to replace the whole stinkin thing.

Chex Mix .... LOVE IT TOO!!!! I don't buy it often either, but everyone in the house loves it so it goes fast around here!