The Sonic Adventures

Time just flies on by, doesn't it.

It's hard to grow up living in a different state than your grandparents. I wish it was possible for my boys to live closer to both sets of their grandparents, but it's just not, so we try to make it work as best we can.

Our local Sonic Drive-In is our rescue place, mostly in the summer, but with odd regularity in the winter as well. It offers inexpensive refreshment and contained calm. It's a thing I have done hundreds of times with my sons and will probably do hundreds more before they flee the nest. The boys have come to spot Sonics everywhere they go and they know that I have a particular weakness for Diet Coke with Cherry. They play the Sonic card often. I admit it.

My mother knows how much my boys enjoy Sonic drinks so a few days ago they both got cards in the mail from her containing a couple bucks earmarked for a trip to Sonic. They wouldn't have been more thrilled if she's gotten them rides on the space shuttle.

I wish I could say that they each have a favorite drink (or even drink combo) and that they are consistent, like their mother, who gets the same drink at every visit. Not happening. That would just make things too easy. Julian is very motivated by whatever picture is on the menu or the board hanging in front of our parking spot. He chooses based on color. He begs for a size that's bigger than any grown man should consider consuming...and he complains mildly when relegated to a medium. He's placated when I remind him that if he sticks with a medium drink, he might have enough money leftover for another trip in a day or two.

Grey must know what his brother is ordering before he can decide. He does what my father would call "hems and haws" for a while and changes his order at least 5 times. He wants a cream slush. He wants a regular grape slush. He wants a lemonberry slush. He wants a Sprite. No. Wait. Don't order yet. What's Bubba getting again? Can't get that.

He's well-trained, tho. He knows that once I roll down the window and start ordering, there will be no more changes made to ones order. He even composed a little rhyme for the occasion, a few trips ago.

"You get what you get, and you don't throw a fit."

"Last call." I say. "I'm ordering."

"OK ok ok ok I want a um er um...a blue coconut slush." doing a little victory dance in the back seat that makes me think he might need to use the boys room.

Finally, I place our order.

One large Diet Coke with Cherry.

One medium Grape Creamslush (like on the sign).

One small blue coconut slush.

No, thank you, we don't need cheesesticks or upsizing, although if you have a shot of tranquilizer, you could add that to the Diet Coke. Do they charge extra for that? On second thought, a shot in each cup would be nice.

Thank you.

Sonic. The business built on ice pellets and roller skates. And Tuesday night "burger night". As if every night aat Sonic isn't burger-based. I think there's some mysterious addictive property added to that ice. And yes, my children are totally hooked. As am I.

Have you ever seen a Sonic carhop on skates fall?

Oh my, I have.

And it was so horrible.

I thought perhaps the earth might tip off it's axis. I cried for her. How embarrasing. But no, she didn't spill the drink on her tray.

I digress.

All this to say "thanks mom!" We really did have a fun time. And we know just where we want to take you when you come for a visit--we might even eat at the tables on the patio.



Christy B said...

Okay, Sonic isn't a regular thing for us, but it is one of mine and Em's favorite place to eat or get snacks. BUT when ordering for a whole family, it an get expensive. I'm glad they are adding more to the dollar menu. I can swing two $1 junior burgers and shared fries for an after ballgame meal!

Dianne said...

Sarah - What a sweet story! My family also LOVES Sonic and I think the addiction for my husband and I is the "rabbit poop ice" or "crunchy ice." We've been known to go by there just to buy ice! (Yep - we're easily impressed!)


Melissa D. said...

oh Sarah, an "ode" to Sonic. Yes, I can share my Sonic addiction with a friend. Hayden and I visit Sonic every morning for the typical Diet Coke and "shush" or no maybe "wemonade" for Hayden. One never knows until the window goes down and I decipher his choice.