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From Dad, on Sat 1.17

Dear Andy's Family,
OK. I know I am in the "Dog House." I wish I could find someone else to blame, but I can't. I have waited far too long to get out this update on the boys. I am afraid real life has taken over again at our house including a regular work schedule, fixing stuff, and completing a book that I have been working on for some time. The latter has taken every spare minute for the past several weeks. But, it is finished now. It goes to the printer next week. Praise the Lord!!! So, how about a long overdue update.

The boys are in good spirits as they wait for the last few details to "click" into place to complete their transition back home to Tyler. The final big issue was the conversion of Andy's new truck. The truck is now on site in Florida and the conversion parts are ordered. They should take about a week to arrive and a couple of days to install. Then Andy wants to drive it around for a couple of days to be sure that it all works right. Then, shortly after, it should be off to Tyler.

By the way, I have been officially invited to go out and help with the drive back. I knew they'd call.

Good things are also happening while we wait. A 3 star general came by the other day to visit with Andy - just to chat. Andy mentioned in passing that his "med board" was still ahead of him and that he still had a lot of unanswered questions. Andy said the general smiled and acknowledged his concerns and the conversation moved on. But, apparently the general's mind did not.

The next morning Andy's sergeant major sent her liaison to help answer Andy's questions. Meeting with the "med board" is a pretty important process. Essentially, this is the means by which Andy will be medically retired from the Army. This board determines the details of that retirement, including pay and benefit levels. Obviously, pretty important stuff, so the sergeant major jumped right on it.

However, that was not all that took place. We understood that Andy was supposed to return to Ft. Stewart in Georgia after 30 or so days at home to meet his board. However, the general made other arrangements. He changed it so that Andy's board will be in Little Rock, AR. And, they told Andy that he would not have to go there. Rather, the reps would come to him. Again, Praise the Lord!!!

I told Andy that I was appreciative of that general's care for him, but that I was more appreciative of the prayers that translated into this turn of of events. He agreed.

The furnishing of Andy's apartment is coming along fine. Thanks to so many of you who have made this big job so manageable.

And thanks for your continued prayers for the boys. Please continue to pray especially for Daniels transition back into "real life" with their return to Tyler. Donna and I found that transition very difficult after only a month at Walter Reed Hospital. Daniel has been immersed in this circumstance for 6 months now but, I am sure that your prayers will translate into the same kind of success for Daniel that they have for Andy.

Daniel remarked the other day that Andy had gone through a rehab regime in six months that should have taken more like a year. Obviously the divine energy has been at work. God is moving in an amazing way. Thank you for those precious prayers.

Love in Christ
for our entire family.

Notes from Sarah:
A few facts (because I looked it all up, I figured I would share it...)

*Fort Stewart is in southeast Georgia, about 45 miles from Savannah.
*Savannah is slightly less than 1000 miles from Tyler TX.
*Little Rock, Arkansas is 275 miles from Tyler, TX.

*The original plan for the med board would have taken Andy more than a thousand miles from home--for an indefinate period of time. We were originally told that the med board could take from two weeks to eight months. So as you can see how monumental this altaration to the plan is!

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