Christmas Picture a Day - Day 2

So these are our stockings - a mishmash group of old, new and recycled.

The crocheted one on the left (red, white and blue) is Joal's. He's had it since he was a wee thing.

The white one is mine. It's soft and velvety.

The next one is a felt one with a Christmas tree and lots of balls--it's Julian's. He loves the little pom pom balls.

The snowman one is Grey's. Julian picked it out for him the Christmas before Grey was born. Someday, we'll let G pick a new one.

The other two are hanging there in anticipation of Gram and Popa (aka Big Boss), who will be spending Christmas at our house this year.

And yes, that's the world's ugliest fireplace cover. And no we've never used the fireplace. It's for looks only.

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