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Little catching up to do...

One of the pastors at our church, Kevin Twit, and his family have adopted a little girl from China! Here's their story of this beautiful journey. Adoption stories are precious to me. There's something so special, so miraculous that takes place in adoptive Christian families. What better picture of God's grace could there be? How beautiful it is.

I have discovered a new/old thing...Vintage Tupperware. When I was little, my mom bought some Tupperware. Yellow, orange, brown, green...those beautiful decorator colors from the late 70s. Until now, golden harvest yellow and avacado green have had NO place in my house. It's something I've avoided at all costs. I've even made fun of mom's collection, although I must conceed that it's held up very well under years of heavy use. Suddenly, after attending a Tupperware party last week, I decided to check eBay for Tupperware. (I generally operate under the premise that one can find positively anything on eBay.) Sure enough, loads and loads of Tupperware for sale there. Then something caught my eye. "Vintage Tupperware".

Oh my.

It's avacado green, harvest gold, chocolate brown and lemon yellow come to life again! Can it really be called "vintage"? Well, it is pretty old stuff (as stuff goes) and yes, Tupperware is now a multi-generational while "antique" would be stretching it a bit...vintage fits nicely.

Oh and the best part...that orange, brown, gold and green Tupperware that I used to detest so much...suddenly has a familiar charm to it. It feels like home.

And it's going to go perfectly in my kitchen.

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~**Dawn**~ said...

i have the same memories of that old tupperware! but i guess we all do huh? LOL my mother was & is the tupperware queen. i swear that woman has pieces of every collection ever released! and she says that she's gotten her money's worth too because she's only had to part with maybe a piece or 2 over all this time. it's funny how after all the evolution of tupperware, those colors & styles are the ones that represent it for me the most. =)