Red Alert!!

"Can I take a test drive, Mom?"

Now there's a question that'll set your world on its ear...especially coming from your 9 year old.

Such was the question earlier today. It was an addition to the conversation we had yesterday about the extent of his biking priviledges.

Yesterday's conversaion:

Julian: Mom, can I drive down the driveway?

Mom: OK, but be sure to stop at the end. Do not go past the mailbox.

Julian: When can I go around the block?

Mom: (cough cough) Why do you want to go around the block?

Julian: To explore the neighborhood.

Mom: Huh. Well. (stammering, trying to think of a good excuse not to encourage neighborhood adventures...) Um. Maybe we should let you and Daddy take a few test rides around the neighborhood. (Yeah, put it off on Daddy...that works.)

Julian: OK

So today, he asks for permission to take a "test drive" just to end of the driveway. I said OK as I watched from the window in my workspace. I dare say God hears more fervant prayers from the mothers of boys than from any other class of humans. The term "wailing and knashing of teeth" comes to mind.


An exceptionally inquisative, brave and daring, always-pushing-my-limits, nine-year-old-boy-on-a-bike-exploring-the-neighborhood...alone.

Shouldn't that cause enough alarm to raise the National Alert System to at least red?

(In my best Will Riker voice..."Red A-lert")

Look out Neighborhood. You don't know what you're in for.

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