It's a Cruise Scrapbook--Before You Start

If there's one kind of scrapbooking that I know about--it's cruise scrapbooking. 

Cruise scrapbooking is perhaps my favorite kind--the pictures are good, the memories are awesome and story-rich and let's be real, I love going on a Caribbean cruise so, of course I'm also going to love scrapbooking about them as well.

I've had the pleasure of quite a few Caribbean cruises (thanks to my husband's work) and have created many pages about cruising.

With that in mind, I think it's time to share what I know about cruise scrapbooking. Welcome to It's a Cruise Scrapbook! --a step-by-step guide to creating a story-filled cruise scrapbook. 

I love a travel scrapbook that's all-inclusive! One trip, one book. I generally divide our trip memories into four sections:

1- the ship
2- the trip
3- the people
4- everything else

However, since four of our cruises have been on a single ship--Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas--I'm breaking from my tradition and putting all four cruises into one single album. (Let me tell you...this is a major departure from my usual method of organization.)

Let's start at the beginning. Before you begin creating your cruise scrapbook, you need to make a few decisions.

1. Are you going to use a certain cohesive style of page and or product throughout the album? Alternatively, would you prefer the wild and free method of scrapbooking design for this album? 

If you want to carry a cohesive design throughout your cruise scrapbook, there are many way to do so. 

One of the easiest ways is to choose a certain collection of paper to incorporate throughout the album. You may choose  a collection assembled for you by a certain paper manufacturer or assemble your own collection of papers from many manufacturers.

If you are going the route of a incorporating a cohesive design throughout your book, you may want to assemble a small kit of chosen supplies--letter stickers or alphabet dies for titles, a few colors of cardstock, brads or dot embellishments, ephemera and accents, stamps, journaling tools, ribbons or textiles, etc.

Assembling a kit for yourself to work out of will save you time (no hunting for stuff) and help you make design choices in a timely fashion. 


Don't forget to keep a few bits of inspiration close by...I like to keep this old jar of sand and shells right on my desk when I'm working on layouts about the sea!

2. What size album do you want to create? 

3. How many pages are you going to include? Choose your photos and get them printed. See where your photos take you. This will probably be a lengthy process, if you are anything like me. I admit it--I overprint. I like to have a lot of photos to choose from and I know that if a certain photo doesn't get used in my scrapbook, it can be used in other craft projects or on a page in another scrapbook. 

Generally, I choose about two hundred photos and work down from that number. Yes that includes the excessive food shots. 😀
When the photos arrive (or when you have gotten the printing done), my first step is usually to sort them into general groups.

My groups usually include:

-- Photos of the ship and all its details
-- Photos of people (us and the people we travel with that don't go into any other category)
-- Photos of our adventures and activities 
-- Photos of food and drinks
-- Photos of the sea
-- Everything else 


(These are my sorted photos.) 

I usually purchase at least a few professional photos taken on-board as well--especially the ones of our group and of the ship. Be sure to incorporate those into your scrapbook planning as well. 

And yes, there's a small stack of photos called Stolen Accent Photos. Any photos that I missed out on taking myself are collected post-trip from google or Instagram. 

I'm glad you made it to the end of part one. In part two we will begin scrapbooking!! 

If you use Instagram, please check out the hashtag #itsacruisescrapbook and use it too when you share your cruise pages! 


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